December 8, 2023

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Breaking boundaries:Jungkook’s ‘Standing next to you ‘ & MJ connection!

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The lead vocalist of (BTS) Jungkook known as jk and golden maknae , recently break the silence about his first solo album named as GOLDEN.  this album contains 9 tracks from which two singles had already released [ Seven & 3D].

His next single  ‘ standing next to you ‘ will be released on  3rd November 2023.

As the artist released his single song’s trailer on YouTube, Just by the trailer the fans are going insane. It’s seemed that this track will be a hit just like previous tracks . Many ARMYs make edits of trailer and post it on different social media platform and show their love for JK .

‘The influence of MJ(Michael Jackson)in song’ :

As from the trailer many of JK’s fans sense that this song is a subtle tribute to the ‘king of pop’ (Michael Jackson).

On 1st of November, Jung-Kook posted  a 32-second video where the singer is pretty  dressed same as MJ-style with a  military jacket and metallic embellishments and tassels and he also copies some of the late legend’s signature dance moves, famously known as the iconic crotch grab.

In the album the fans will get to see the whole video of ‘Standing next to you’ . Even though the song is yet to be released , his album ‘ GOLDEN ‘ preview is breaking records.

In teaser for this song jk is seen to be in black wings .  The fans react to this scene by saying : OMG BLACK SWAN JUNGKOOK IS BACK!! Many of fans create posts for this black wings and compare it to BTS song’s MV [BLACK SWAN] .

Moreover this week JK’s single SEVEN (feat. latto) became the fastest song to reach 1 billion streams in Spotify history and turned out to be a massive hit among audience.

We’re looking forward for ‘Standing next to you’ and ‘GOLDEN’!!!!!

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