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Destined with You ~ As you all know, a lot of Korean Dramas are now dubbing in Hindi and not only Indian studios but also Pakistani Studios are taking a lot of interest in it. So here is another top rated drama that is now airing in Hindi Dubbed. Today we’ll discuss about ‘Destined with You‘ and take a short tour to this drama. This was a big news for the Hindi Dubbed Fans that the latest drama of their favorite cast is going to dub and they will be able to watch Destined with you in Hindi Dubbed.

As you all know these dramas are dubbed by Studios and provided by OTT platforms so keep in mind that this information that I’ll provide is only for the educational purpose and everything that I’ll mention belongs to the rightful owner.

Destined with you in Hindi Dubbed Details:

I’ll tell you the details of this drama in fractions, so you can easily separate each detail from one anther.

Destined with you in Hindi Dubbed Platform:

When you hear that the drama is coming in Hindi Dubbed, everyone’s first question is about where its gonna be dubbed. So, the most important question that everyone asked about is here. There are a lot of platforms that are now providing Korean Dramas in Hindi but the fans always admire the best dubbing and there are not a lot of platforms that provide the dubbing as Korean Dramas deserve to be dubbed. So, following is the platform that is providing you the ‘Destined with you‘ Korean Drama in Hindi Dubbed.

Destined with you in Hindi Dubbed Studio:

When any Korean Drama dubbed in Hindi, the dubbing studio also matter because it’ll tell you the quality of the dubbing. This Drama is dubbed by ‘Prime Focus Technologies‘ Studio in short PFT in Hindi Dubbed. This is the latest project for them and they usually focus on dubbing the documentaries and this was the first Korean Drama that they dubbed. For my experience the dubbing was 8/10 that is best for me (because I usually watch in original language and not a big fan of dubbings) but it’ll be best for you.

Destined with you in Hindi Dubbed ESD:

If you are wondering, What does ESD means? It means ‘Extra Short Detail’ and that we’ll do now. The next thing that fans wanted to know about the drama is the short details like Destined with you in Hindi Dubbed have total of 16 Episodes of 70 minutes. It is a South Korean Drama. Its Original Network is jTBC and Netflix but also provided on TVING with Subscription.

Destined with you in Hindi Dubbed Cast:

You will see your favorite cast in this drama. The main cast of the Destined with you in Hindi Dubbed is Jo Bo Ah, Rowoon, Ha Joon and Yura. If you watch Korean Dramas regularly then you already know Jo Bo Ah and Rowoon. Jo Bo Ah already work in big Korean Dramas like Tale of the Nine Tailed and My Strange Hero but Alas those dramas are not dubbed in Hindi Yet. She also have one more Drama ‘Goodbye to Goodbye’ that is already dubbed in Hindi. Rowoon also work in famous dramas like Extraordinary You that was dubbed in Hindi and Tomorrow that is not dubbed in Hindi but it was most rated drama by him.

Destined with you in Hindi Dubbed Rating:

As this drama is still airing, its difficult to predict the final rating because it depends on the plot. A lot dramas gain rating after the plot and other lose it. But as of now, I’ll rate this drama 8.5/10 and I think this rating will increase after the plot and the average rating will be 8.7/10.

Destined with you in Hindi Dubbed Review:

As of now 3 Episodes are aired and there is a mix review. Some people are admiring the acting of the cast and some are just loving the chemistry between couple and some didn’t grasped the situation and annoyed by the acting of Jo Bo Ah. I am amazed by this drama that offered a lot to the viewers. The concept of this drama is not new but the acting and the comedy is on another level.

Hope you guys will love this drama and watch this drama on Netflix.

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