From the Archives :’Doctor Slump ,Episode 02′ Review:

As Episode 1 of Doctor slump ends with unexpected meeting of Ha-neul and Jeong-woo. Ha-neul came to learn her past school rival Jeong-woo is now their new tenant. Jeong-woo ad no idea that this place is Ha-neul’s. As he paid large amount for penalty ,so now he had to move out from his previous place, he came to know about this place from a friend of his friend. Ha-neul is sure that after knowing that this is her place , Jeong-woo will probably leave this place. (And we know he’ll not!!)

As both of them is struggling with their life but neither of them knows the consequences of what other is struggling through. Whenever both of them meet, they behave like rivals just like in past. They always bring up who is more talented or smarter , they always bicker on this topic. Despite of this Jeong-woo doesn’t realize how close ha-neul is to bottom, neither she’s that how much the loss of one patient is torturing for Jeong-woo.

As Ha-neul already know that she is suffering from depression and the main problem is her work. Things aren’t going well. Being skeptical about her depression she continues to work, which results into more abuse from her senior. Till then, when she is forced to step in during the surgery of the hospital chairman’s daughter and ends up saving the surgery. But despite of her work , she scapegoated for her senior’s mistake. She had enough , she hit the senior and quit from her job dramatically, though she did right.

This news spread so fast and one of her friend came to her and wanted to know about why she did that ,her mother listen all of their conversation and leave. This doesn’t go down well with her mother, as she refused to accept the fact that her daughter is depressed on the basis that se has been raised her so well(doing all the things according to her mother choice, thought so it isn’t that much difficult to understand why ha-neul is skeptical about her present condition).

When Ha-neul and her mother is talking about her condition, Jeon-woo overhear their talk, that way he came to know that not only his life is is in misery. Seeing Ha-neul sad and away from house, he invite her to drink if she’d like to. When they both went to drink there they meet with their past friends. After some talking Jeong-woo came outside. The situation turned awkward when Jeong-woo faced a false accusation and onslaught of insults by his own friends to whom he paid penalty too by his own money, which Ha-neul overhear.

That’s how they came to know about each other situation. These two rivals have more alike same situation in present which either of them realized at first. They can understand and empathize each other even when nobody else can. That’s how we can feel the slight change in environment. A beginning of romantic feelings formed here.

After the revealing of truth to each other ,they both get plastered trying to prove that who’s the stronger drinker? But this drinking competition led them in flood of tears. When they are coming back to home ,n inciting incident happen, when Ha-neul’s mother messaged her to apologize for her behavior and to tell her that she care about her happiness and health instead of her career. This message emotionally broke Ha-neul and she starts crying. Seeing Ha-neul breakdown Jeong-woo also starts crying-for mostly the same reason.

As the past fighting between these two characters are almost drawn . What do you think about how the relationship between these two characters are going to develop more?

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