You need to know about Jungkook’s upcoming solo album : GOLDEN



As BTS members disband temporarily for enlisted in military services mandatory by Korea. Each of BTS members release his own solo ( debut) album . Covering this details JUNGKOOK of BTS mainly known as “JK” will also release his own solo album known as “GOLDEN“. Including his previous two singles:

  • SEVEN ( feat. Latto)
  • 3D ( feat. Jack Harlow)

This album have 11 tracks in total.

The date of releasing of this album is set as 3rd of November 2023, through BIG HIT Entertainment.

The world  GOLDEN has symbolic meaning. Because of JK’s powerful vocals and skillful abilities all the board , Jungkook got a nickname as golden maknae ( youngest of group) by army ( bts fans) . This label is even adopted by other members later. Jungkook even release his own edited travel vlog videos with other members name as “Golden closet films” , a few years ago.

This upcoming album GOLDEN cover the golden moments of artist __jungkook.

Hope we get to see the more content from Jungkook. Let’s hype up for jk and make our maknae more shine !!!!!!

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