The charm of ‘Doctor slump’ : Episode 1 Review


               “Episode 1”:


Korean drama serial ‘DOCTOR SLUMP‘ staring Korea’s one of the most famous actor PARK HYUNG-SIK as main lead and actress PARK SHIN- HYE as female lead. It is written by BAEK SEON-WOO and directed by OH HYUN-JONG. It airs every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 (KST). Its genre covers medical ,romantic and comedy types.

As the story began with introduction of Jeong-woo and Ha -neul ,the two talented professionalists in medical field. They both have backstories that results into very different present.

Ha-neul, a pretty incredible and hardworking girl who spent almost 17 of hours in study a day, her mother sell her factory through which they barely earned, and moved to Seoul, seeing her brilliancy. She got into medical school in Seoul where she met another exceptional student Jeong-woo, competing for top spot. Jeong-woo was same as Ha-neul in everything. They soon became competitors and rivals. But only Jeong-woo got into Hankuk University, as we don’t know what happened to Ha-neul ,why she being a talented and work ethic girl didn’t got in to same University as Jeong-woo? certainly there’s more upcoming.

Now in present as going to Hankuk University, Jeong -woo life style is elite class. He became a plastic surgeon with winning abilities and awards making him wealthy. While on other hand Ha -neul became a anaesthesiologist. Her life is complete in misery. She’s treated like a trash by her supervisors. As this drama captured the image of medical industry where the one’s background matters more than talent.

Continuing the story in present, Ha -neul is still a proud girl – always prioritizing her work which results into her bad health. She continually avoiding pain in her lower abdomen, she name this pain as a result of no rest. Until one day, when she feels pain in the middle of crossing road and almost dies by hitting a truck coming towards her . But she managed and dodge off from the place and rush towards the hospital where she came to know she had to remove her gall bladder. But the most astonishing thing that she discovered is – she’s depressed.

This incident left an unending trauma and fear of crossing road. She can’t either accept the fact that she’s is depressed. She questioned to herself that how she can be depressed? She wished the truck that day hit her, she also refused to take the doctor’s advice which might be helpful to come-out of depression.(WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS STUBBORNESS OF HER LEAD TO?)

For Jeong-woo , his life is well going, till the day when one of his patient died on his operating bed. As this is out of Jeong -woo character, but the patient died of blood loss stemming from an anticoagulant which is found in her blood. This anticoagulant is supposedly prescribed by Jeong-woo himself. Through CCTV footage he’s tired for medical negligence and his life completely got ruined when he’d to pay a large amount as penalty. (WHAT YOUR COMMENT ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED AFTEWARD TO JEONG-WOO?)

After this pretty long introduction to male & female lead introduction , past & present stories we can see they both reunited. This happened when Ha-neul returns back to her home and heads up to roof to relax with beers and there she finds Jeong-woo standing there with his bag.

There we got to see a flashback, in which we can see despite of their rivalry , Jeong-woo had a crush on Ha-neul and in love with her. With their competitive past, obviously things are going to complicated…..

what your review about what’s going to happen with Jeong-woo one sided love? Can he be able to make Ha-neul fall in love with him ? Will they both be able to let go of their past?


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