December 8, 2023

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Unlocking the emotions: Jimin’s favorite lyrics from FACE and their significance.

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A deep dive into Jimin’s solo album:

Recently weverse released a new video of Jimin’s favorite lyrics from his solo album FACE. In this video he talked about his favorite lyrics from his different songs of the album and the real meaning of writing these lyrics. These lyrics shows his mixed emotions.

First track: Face off

In the first track Face – off Jimin he talked about anger and disappointment. This track unravel anger and related emotions.In this song he chose his favorite lyrics that well describe his emotions.

He chose : This is my usual story.

He said he talked about it with SUGA (member of BTS) . He said sometimes the person who is most dear to us also leave us behind  and we feel distance between us. And sometimes people that aren’t close to us also become close .

Second track : like crazy

This song name is inspired by Jimin’s favorite movie . From this track he chose:

I wanna stay in this dream..

He said sometimes I felt fazy and dreamy. These lyrics contain my these type of emotions.

Third track : Alone

He said that it’s the most difficult track to write. He wrote these lyrics at producer house.

From this track he chose first part from verse .

Fourth track : Set me free P#2

He said like title he also felt this kind of emotions and set himself free.From this track he chose chorus part.

He also chose : Going insane to stay sane. Raise your hand for the past me.

Last track : Dear Army

It’s a hidden track . He said director told him to wrote his emotions about Army so he went home and wrote this track . He also said Rm  also wrote some lyrics.

He chose: If we were together even the desert could turn to a sea.

In the end he wrote above lyrics by himself and show his love for ARMYs.


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