December 8, 2023

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Want to explore about Documentary of making [FACE]/Jimin’s production dairy?

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Jimin’s production dairy:

Jimin’s production dairy is an exclusive documentary that captures the making of Jimin’s  first official solo album [FACE]. An official announcement of this production dairy was made on 9th of October 2023. BIGHIT shared a video of Jimin handwritten letter to ARMYs announcing about his first ever documentary of his first solo song .

Jimin wrote: Hello, ARMY. I’m Jimin. I didn’t know that my first solo album which  is organized as I wish and contained what I wanted to say would receive this much love from you.I didn’t expect to receive so much love on my first album which contained things that I have always wanted to say and things to organize any thoughts. That’s why it didn’t really come to me when I received the No.1 spot honour on the Billboard Chart.”

He also added that :Time has passed now, but now I know how much love I have received. I’m sorry that I’m finally feeling these hard-to-understand emotions and thanking you now. Once again, I want to thank you all. And I know that the only way to repay you is to present good music and performances. We’ll be able to see that a lot in the future, so please look forward to it. Dear ARMYs, as I always say, I hope you will receive even more love from me. Thank you.

Lyrical video of production dairy was released on weverse on 17 – 10 – 2023 .

The video of production dairy will be available on October 23,2023 @6pm KST

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