December 8, 2023

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Spain lifts FIFA Women’s World Cup Trophy by beating England in the Final

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FIFA Women’s World Cup Final – In the final, Spain and England started the match in Stadium Australia. The difference between both teams wasn’t so high as England ranks no. 4 and Spain ranks no. 6 but the experts were expecting the England to be more dominating in the final. This is the first time in FIFA Women’s World Cup Final, Spain and England were facing each other. The Start was pretty normal as both team was building there strength.

After 16 minutes into game Spain start attacking and luckily they get the England off guard. At 29′ Captain Olga Carmona strike a goal for Spain. This goal put England on red zone but after this they also start attacking more frequently. They also get a lot of chances but missed. At Half Time Spain was 1:0 but England change tactics and replace midfielder with striker. At 66′ Spain get another chance to get a grip on the game when they get penalty but missed.

At the end both team get 15′ extra but the score was same. When we talk about stats, Spain was way a head of England from the start. There were 4 offsides that England made with 16 fouls in total.

This was an amazing Match!

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