December 8, 2023

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The Final Face-off: Australia and India Gear Up for Cricket World Cup 2023 Ultimate Encounter!

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It is not a surprise that Australia will play final with India but both semi-finals make fans to discuss more about the final clash.

Both Australia and India was favorite for the World Cup before the world Cup. India not only win but destroy their opponent by their bowling and not a single team was able to defeat them in World Cup. As India is yet to be undefeated in this World Cup but Australia struggle a little bit from the start but handle themselves very well later on. Its not a biggie to understand both teams strategy as there are a lot of similarities in both teams as they play the ODI format. There are a lot of reasons but the main reason for both of them is that both teams play most ODI matches than any other team. We’ll discuss both teams strategy and player later but first we have to understand how both teams go throughout the tournament.

Australia played their first match of the tournament against India and bat first. India’s bowling just torn the Australian batters and they only did manage to make 199 in 49.3 overs and India overcome the score in just 41.2 overs with the loss of 4 wickets. Australia lost their first match against India. They played their second match against South Africa that score 311/7 in 50 overs and bowled Australian team in just 177 score. Australian get their first win against Sri Lanka as they complete the target of 209 in just 35.2 overs with 5 wickets in hand. Next match was with Pakistan as Australia again dominate and score a huge target of 367 and manage to control Pakistan at 305. Netherlands wasn’t put that much effort to win the game and Australia win again with a huge 309 runs. Next Match was crucial for Australia and they control the New Zealand 5 runs short and won the game. The Match that decided the Australian team to be semi-finalist was the Australia vs England that is also known as one of the two big rivals through Ashes. Australia again mark a good victory of 33 runs and get a place in semi-final. Next match with Afghanistan was also a fire as Afghanistan players just lost and couldn’t able to control the Australians at 291 and Maxwell just made history to add 200+ runs and won the game for Australia. Australia won their last match with Bangladesh of 8 wickets. They set themselves with South Africa in Semi-Final. South Africa score 212 and gave the target of 213. It wasn’t easy for the Australia because South Africa gain control time to time and it goes down to the last overs as the 7th wicket of Stark and Cummins clear the way of Australia into the Final.

India remain undefeated throughout the tournament and the only match that was a little bit difficult for them was the semi-final. India played Semi-Final against New Zealand and set a target of 297 runs with Shreyas’s and Kohli’s 100. India got early wickets of New Zealand but the 3rd wicket partnership put India in difficulty but the only thing that everyone don’t know that the Rohit Sharma captaincy played an important role in India’s win. In the semi-final too, Rohit bring M. Shami back and he took couple of wickets and took 7 wickets total and make his own record and push India into the final.

India and Australia will play the Final of World Cup 2023 in Narendra Modi Stadium on November 19, 2023. This is the 8th times that Australia qualify for the Final and they won 5 world cups already. India also has a strong team with both bowling and batting. They have 5 favorites that mostly perform and win a match for India. You also have to understand the captaincy of Rohit Sharma that is also the major factor in the winning of India. They have top favorite player like Muhammad Shami, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and Jasprit Bumrah. It is also difficult for Australia to beat India in India. As Indian play only IPL out of all leagues so they always practice on India soil and they know everything about pitch and conditions than any other team. That’s the main reason they can easily turn the pages upside down even the other team is winning. It’s not impossible for the Australia to win but we’ll discuss the strategy of both teams and play manual.

Both Australia and India don’t only believe on boundaries like others teams. They continuously rotate the batting and make singles and if they get a loose ball then they get full benefit of it. Both teams have many similar strategies so it’ll also difficult for India to understand the strategies of the Australia. If we discuss what could happen? We’ll discuss with the mindset of the both teams.

Suppose if India won the toss as 4 out of 7 teams choose bowling first and won in the past year and India will also choose bowling and let Australia to set a target. As the pitch is slow and low they can easily set a target of 300+ but we don’t have to forget the bowling of Muhammad Shami and Jasprit Bumrah. We suppose if they set a target of 280 runs. There a lot of batters who can take this challenge for India as Virat Kohli is also known as Chase Master. If we see the batting line of India, It will be easy for India to chase the target of 280 and might give a fight if Australia made 330+ but it will become difficult for India if Australia give the target of 380+.

Suppose if Australia won the toss they will also choose bowling as they also believe in chasing the score. If India will put a target of 300+ then it’ll be easy for Australia to chase but the crowd pressure can easily put Australia down any time. If India give target of 280 then it will be easy for Australia to chase as Maxwell is in form.

Hope you like my analysis about this biggest class of the year. If you doubt anything and have any question then you can feel free to ask me in the comment section and if you want to give your review then feel free to tell your analysis in the comment section.

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